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What's the difference Elephant Ear or Funnel Cake?
The funnel cake, a deep-fried fritter of sorts, is a product of the Pennsylvania Dutch, who called it drechter kuche.

The name funnel comes from the technique used to make the cakes -- the batter is poured through a funnel into hot oil.

Funnel cake batter, which is similar in consistency to pancake batter, is poured into the oil in a circular pattern and then fried until golden brown. When the lacy cake, about 8 inches around, cools just slightly, it is adorned with a variety of toppings, the most popular being powdered sugar or fruit toppings such as apple or strawberry. 
The elephant ear is fried, flattened dough inspired by the fry bread of the American Indians of the West and named for their big ear shape. Navajo fry bread is served sweet, with Butter and cinnamon sugar. 
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2 staff, 1-15 amp up to 400 elephant ears $950
Elephant Fritters are great! Deep Fried apple pie taste. With caramel , slice of apple , cinnamon  topped with whipped cream !
2 staff, 1-15 amp up to 300 elephant Fritters $1050